Fur Sorting & Grading Course – Graduation!


Kopenhagen Fur Course Graduation Ninx Flanagan Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Course class of June 2017

The morning of Day 12 had us first in the Academy Room with the evaluations of our auction test. We then moved on to meet Jesper Uggerhøj the CEO of Kopenhagen Fur to receive our Sorting & Grading Diplomas, raise a glass to toast our course tutors and the whole class successfully graduating. Our course leader Sheila Wagner also entertained us with some anecdotes of the course and our fellow students.

Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Course class of June 2017 Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Course class of June 2017

A free afternoon meant we could network with the buyers who had been steadily arriving to inspect skins prior to the June auction starting the next day. Of course, some course attendees got straight to work inspecting skins with their own company representatives – putting their newly learned skills straight to work! The buyers for Polar and Hurwitz were extremely generous with their time allowing both Rebecca Bradley of Rebecca Bradley London and myself to shadow them for a few hours to experience their inspection and lot selection process to fit what they were looking to buy for their clients.

Later that afternoon Finn Winter of Kopenhagen Fur was kind enough to give Rebecca Bradley and myself a brief introduction to the qualities of Swakara. The fur of the Namibian Karakul sheep is known as Swakara, an abbreviation for South West African Karakul.  Swakara is exclusively auctioned by Kopenhagen Fur.

Swakara by Kopenahegen Fur Swakara by Kopenahegen Fur

Day 12 key impressions:

  • Once the ‘inspection’ time was fully underway the atmosphere at the auction house was totally different from during the course. The increase in people and the buzz of anticipation before the start of the auction was palpable.
  • Shadowing buyers during inspection time was a really valuable experience to round off the course and see what specific things the buyers look for in the skins.

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