Fur Sorting & Grading Course – Final day and live auction

Live auction

Kopenhagen Fur Auction

The 10-day auction with the largest offering of mink to date began on Thursday morning with cautious bidding sometimes 9% below the previous auctions sale prices as the skins this time of year are less fresh compared to the December skins that arrive soon after the November pelting. Emile Connor of Hudson’s Bay Company was kind enough to let Rebecca Bradley and I sit in his area of the auction room to track prices and appetite in the room with frequent commentary and anecdotes on what types of buyers come to different auctions and a bit of background on their specialisms.

After lunch, I returned to our accommodation to pack and travel back to the UK – my creative juices flowing with ideas and resources to bring back to the design studio.

Following the auction on the Kopenhagen Fur App I was pleased to read that the very large offering of brown mink on the Sunday brought renewed dynamic to the auction room and saw prices rise back up.


It has been an honour to be selected for the Kopenhagen Fur Sorting & Grading Course. I have learned so much and made many new friends and work connections who I will cross paths with many times in my career ahead.

Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Graduates June 2017

Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Graduates June 2017

The skin knowledge I have gained on the course will positively impact my career as a furrier – influencing my choice of skins, including how and where I buy them and how I market them to my customers. I will also be passing on my knowledge gained to my assistants and interns educating them further about skin types, quality and welfare.

The quality and depth of knowledge offered on the course has been fantastic and a huge thank you goes to our esteemed course leader, Sheila Wagner, for donating so much of her extra time, knowledge and resources throughout the course. Our grading tutors, Jan, Eddie, Hannah and Rikke also deserve a special mention for their ‘unending patience’ teaching us the finer details, touch and instinct for grading mink…
“Compare – Compare – Compare!”

Wall of fame - All the Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Graduates

Kopenhagen Fur Sorting and Grading Graduates - Wall of Fame

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