Fur Sorting & Grading Course – Day 3

For day three we were back in the Kopenhagen Fur Academy Room and learned about DAKA who manage and process agricultural waste and fallen stock including all the associated standards, regulations and paperwork involved. Most is turned into biofuel to run Denmark’s bus services or certified organic fertiliser. Daka also test for infectious diseases and monitor the agricultural industry.


Grading Pearl mink

Grading pearl mink

After some theory in the Academy room we were back on the grading floor with practical work learning about selecting ‘surface quality’. The first session was very hard as to the untrained eye it often difficult to see where the cut-offs are between quality levels but, after the second session I felt much more confident with what I was looking ‘and feeling’ for.

In the afternoon, we carried on with our practical session learning to recognise the three main Kopenhagen Fur label qualities: Ivory, Burgundy and Platinum. The fourth category ‘Purple’ is later pulled out of the Platinum label when enough skins represent a premium quality.

Ivory burgundy and platinum mink fur sorting

Ivory, burgundy and platinum mink fur sorting

Day 3 key impressions:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the practical work today on the grading floor – the day started with more questions than answers as I was trying to ‘get my eye in’ for what the tutors were asking us to ‘spot’. By lunchtime my eyes were very tired and my brain full! A break was very welcome!
  • The afternoon session brought forward some new challenges but, with the experience of the morning and the boundless knowledge of KF’s expert tutors all of the fundamental teachings of the morning session ‘clicked into place’. I really enjoyed the challenge of the afternoon – stepping to a new workstation with totally different mink skins made me excited to see if I could improve my sorting and grading judgements from the previous challenge. There were a few ‘trick’ bundles to throw us and I got a thrill from being able to ‘ferret these out’! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.
  • Mantra learned from the tutors (to say to myself everyday of grading)… “Pick out the best and the worst skin and then… Compare - Compare - Compare!”

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