Case Studies

  • Red Fox Russian Hat

    Red Fox Russian Hat

    After remodelling a red fox coat into a gilet the left over sleeves were then remodelled into a stunning coordinating…

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  • Musquash throw/carriage rug

    Musquash throw/carriage rug

    The musquash coat was taken apart, stretched, flattened and sectioned together to create a carriage rug to snuggle up with…

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  • White mink bolero

    White mink bolero

    The re-design features antique gold-plated and crystal button trim and a gold silk satin lining monogrammed with the client’s initials…

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  • Lynx parker with hood

    Lynx parker with hood

    Lynx 3/4 length coat is rare and exceptionally high quality. However the bulk and heaviness made it very difficult to…

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