Mink clutch bag

A sumptuous mink clutch bag with gold zip and silk lining.  The 3-dimentional qualities of fur add to the sculpturalness of this bag.  Commission one in the new brights and pastels of this seasons Aurora Borealis shades or consider using up off-cuts from a remodel to commission your own unique bag.

Remodelled 70’s Mink Coat

This high quality but rather shapeless 70’s female mink coat with gathered sleeves was shortened and tailored to its more petite owner to create a much more wearable, contemporary coat. Sleeves were narrowed and open cuffs created and a more easy to fasten, with gloves on, top button with elastic replaces the top hook. The…
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Mink Coat Remodel

The owner of this mink coat found she never wore it as a long mink coat so we shortened it into a casual belted jacket and the mink off-cuts became a wrap collar/headband and a cute cape for wearing over evening wear.
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